Activity 1

Coordination meeting 4-8.02.2018 in Skopje, Macedonia 

Has gathered the partner coordinators for few days to meet each other in order to introduce themselves and their organizations, share responsibilities, go through the implementation plan, reanalyze the risk and crisis management, and develop support tools and persons. Communication channels were confirmed and persons, as well as the rules of EACEA, visibility rules and the reporting.


Activity 2

Training Course 20-27.04.2018 in Shtip, Macedonia

This 7 days training course gathered journalism students, human rights/gender coordinators and activists, and people involved in the partner organization connected with reporting and publishing partner’s information.

The course gave concrete tools, methods, presentations, skills on gender equality and gender sensitive reporting on local, national and international level. Different information and best practices were shared from each partner country as well as from the experts included in the training.


Activity 3

Youth exchange 15-22.09.2018, Paralia, Greece

The youth exchange gave an opportunity to young and inexperienced people interested in gender equality and gender sensitive reporting, to take part in an activity that gave concrete skills and knowledge on the topic. In the same time, different local realities and information from each partner country were shared, enabling the participants to learn also about other cultures and how they deal with the topic.


Activity 4

Local activities implemented in all the partner countries in their local communities: Skopje, Athens, Rome, Aurangabad, Accra and Tallinn

All partner organizations, together with their participants from the previous activities have shared the learning gained from our international project activities, their key competences, information, specific tools and methods with the local communities. The activities organized included: (coming soon)


Activity 5

Seminar 17-23 March 2019, Shtip, North Macedonia

The seminar gathered participants from the previous activities and project coordinators in order to evaluate the project, together with its results, impact and public benefits. Future steps were planned, following the project results.