• I would absolutely recommend the Erasmus+ projects to my friends and other young people because people you get to know during these projects are sometimes the ones you will share the best memories with.
    Moreover, learning through different types of education and in an international environment is the best way to gain experience and feel like an active citizen.


  • I will recommend others to participate in Erasmus+ because this program is doing an excellent work on all the verticals of social welfare and growth.
    Participation at international level gives positive opportunity to know, understand and share the cultural, economic and social aspects in broader prospect.


  • During this project I learnt about cultural differences (ex. Roles of men and women).
    I believe these projects are a good way to work on your speaking, writing, socializing and thinking abilities.


  • Beside an overall information about the topic, I learned practical situations different from my country.
    I appreciated a lot the right balance between activities and free time and also the interactive workshops where participants had to create the content.
    So, I will definitely recommend the Erasmus+ projects, because beside the knowledge related to the topic covered by each project, it is a huge change to travel, meet people from different backgrounds and shape your mind with new perspectives.


  • I personally learned that the discrimination is also present in one form or another in all the places in the world. Somewhere less and somewhere more but there is no such thing as a perfect society.
    “I always act like an ambassador for E+ programs as it has brought such a positive change in me and my life in general. I don’t think I would be so open-minded and so confident if I had not participated in these events”.


  • I think this project is education and motivation. I would recommend it to anybody who wants to be part of it.


  • “Come over without a doubt, you’ll have one of the best times of your life!”


  • I have learned more about menstrual hygiene and the shocking practices of women maintaining it.
    I think it is a great platform to learn about other county’s culture from different parts of the world, discuss various issues in our and other countries. I am really looking forward to attend more projects like this one in the future.


  • I really like to do work with Erasmus+ and they are doing very tremendous work. I really like to do more projects with them and try to make big network in India so all youth can easily take participation in Erasmus+.


  • Yes, I will recommend Erasmus+ to colleagues because it is very educative and also broadening your scope of thinking or reasoning.