Gender equality is becoming a very popular topic, especially in today’s society. Gender equality focuses on people’s rights and encourages the same opportunity, no matter what gender one may be.

Many agencies around the world are ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ and creating ads drawing attention to the importance of women and girls, while also informing the public to let their voices be heard.

Promotion of gender equality must be undertaken not only as a targeted activity, but as an integral part of all efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

Nowadays people are constantly surrounded with many advertisements in which the deprivation of women is made by the advertising factory. With just one click on the internet explorer it is possible to see videos or posters/photographs where the women are shown in different light than the standards and the values that found in our society.

Moreover, all this information and data that are found on the internet and also the availability of photos, it is in many cases manipulated and there are many  examples in which it is shown reverting reality of what is presented.

Many of such cases are used to present some products in which complete gender inequality can be used, but that will decrease the profit of the company that invests a great sum of money in order to increase the income and the export to the market.

These companies are not aware of the harm that is done by publishing and approving of the commercials or posters that are created for their benefit in the first place. The advertising companies are also following the same path and so they either follow the orders without caring about the means that they are using or trying to create something at that moment interesting enough so to attract to the wider audience for bigger promotion of the company that created that video, etc.

Empowerment of women is done through the implementation of policies and programmes aimed at increasing women’s skills, capacities and opportunities.  Such policies and programmes enabled women to become agents of their own development and empowerment within societies, and contributors to the economic and social development of societies at large.

Men and women are different but they deserve equality. All the people look different, but they should have the same rights and they should be equally respected. What a wonderful world it would be…




Done by: Emilija Jakimova