In nowadays society men and women have very different roles to carry. When some time ago was cooking and taking care of children only women’s job, then now also men are let to this playground.

It has been realised that men do not have to be like they were on mammoth times. Back then men tasks were to hunt, to bring food, to protect home and to conquer lands. Today it is out. It is currently trending that also men cook, raise children and do chores. Which is not bad at all, because every man should be able to cook and change a diaper. There is a lot of women among business people. Business is not anymore something that is only men’s field.

It is more and more popular for Estonian men to stay home with kids. Some years ago it was not normal and society did not look positively at this. At the end of the day, every family should organise their task how it is the best for them.