Being conscious of your own rights and being brave enough to exercise them is not enough if society doesn’t give you the right support.

Women’s rights are guaranteed by the State and protected by many laws, but the theory does not stand up to the reality. Though the situation varies from state to state and from region to region, the obstacles for women to demand their rights and make them reality are society’s stereotypes, which exist everywhere. Women care a lot (more than they should) about other people’s opinion, and it keeps them from realization that they have the right to raise their voices and demand.

Woman is not just a sex or a gender, but much more: she is a human being. The process to realize this and make a change is slow and we can notice changes only by comparing decades. Not all human beings can recognize each other as equal part of the same society, they need the glasses of education to do that. Nowadays education is not yet effective in creating sensitive people concerning gender equality; indeed it is still reproducing social constructed stereotypes that place women as a “second” sex. In conclusion it is of primary importance to educate women as well as men on gender issues, and not be afraid to make the change.

Let’s conserve our humanity; let’s wear education glasses.

Giulia Martini di Nenna
Νίκη Μάτσκου
Giorgios Mavrodimitrakis
Roberto D’Angelo
Carmen Borelli