Most women and girls around the world either have experienced or will experience harassment in traffic. In traffic culture there is an Estonian saying, “woman behind the wheel, car out of the road”. I have been to driving school many times and I have seen diffirent people getting their driving licence. I disagree with that statement.

Usually when women are coming to a driving school they have the same reason as men – learning to drive. As much as I have seen, women have inexplicable SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY. Interestingly woman are more careful than men. From a young age it is already visible that girls get their homework done without problems, but boys struggle with not wanting or not being capable of doing it. In Estonia men failure in driving school exams is bigger than women’s. Women are actually successful in theory as well as in practice and they can handle situations fine too. Sadly women have gained bad driver mentality. How to get rid of it? Or how long? Within a day? A year? Who knows. The change starts from society, from us.

I could bring an example from Estonia. Soviet Union banned women to drive buses that had more than ten seats. According to them it was not suitable job for women because steering was too hard back then. After Estonia regained its independence, women got more interested in bus driving again. And they can handle their job well.

In the end, we finally get to the point that everything depends on the person.

Done by: Participants from Estonia